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Electric Dog Fencing

Our electric pet fencing systems provide dog owners in South Florida with both outdoor and indoor solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re dedicated to bringing you and your pet the very latest in safe and humane fencing technology.


Outdoor Solutions

We provide installations of outdoor underground fencing system that will not only keep your pet safely contained, but can also keep your pet out of your garden, landscaping, pool or other off-limit zones.

Indoor Solutions

Pet Stop brings the benefits of boundary setting indoors, too. Our technology can easily keep kitty off the kitchen counter, the dog out of the litter box or correct any other behavior issues you may be having.


GentleSteps Training

Keeping pets safe in the yard and away from danger doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful! To reduce the stress associated with introducing pets to their new fence, Pet Stop has introduced the new GentleSteps training method. GentleSteps training is the modern and incremental training program that reduces problems more commonly associated with traditional containment training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the critical training phase. Not only do pets learn boundaries faster with GentleSteps™, but the training is also fun.

Electric Pet Fence Layouts

Just as every pet is unique, every yard is unique too, and South Florida certainly offers a wide variety of interesting properties. In most cases one of the layouts below or a variation there of will be a starting point to keep your dog contained. But whether it’s blocking gates at a driveway, protecting a dock, seawall, lake or canal or keeping Fido from digging under or going through, over or around your physical fence, at Pet Stop South Florida, we’ll work with you to design a system layout that accomplishes your goals and satisfies your pet’s needs.

Full Perimeter Loop

Our most common layout installation is a Full Perimeter loop. This layout gives your pet free range to roam your entire yard but not leave it.

Figure 8 or “Pinch in”

Also common is the Figure 8 layout. It’s like the Full Perimeter loop, but with a pinch in the middle. This allows you to contain your dog in either the front yard or the back yard, it’s up to you.

Double Loop

The Double Loop layout is used to contain only the front or back yard. It’s generally only used when your property’s geography won’t allow for installation around the whole property.


Small yards are no problem at all for Pet Stop technology. Our boundary fences offer settings to create a one-sided signal zone around the perimeter wire in order to maximize the amount of yard your pet can enjoy.

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